In order to make contribution to both economy and environmental health, FALCON collects, processes and recovers approximately 6 thousand tones of waste metals every year by means of its dealers. A great portion of the collected and processed waste metals consist of iron, steel, aluminum, drink cans, cooper cables, automobile radiators and pipes.

The relevant operations can be summarized as follows;

• Milling and baling scrap metal stones, piece and plate metals
• Cutting all sorts of laminations in the form of plaque and plate with the assistance of fixed and mobile guillotines
• Breaking and grinding metals of monobloc type (car engine etc.)
• Cutting and breaking railway tracks and similar irons
• Milling and baling scrap automobiles

FALCON Machine Track;

• Scrap metal baling pressing machines
• Scrap metal and cable shears
• Cable stripping machines
• Hydraulic polyps
• Magnetic splitter bands

Solution Recycling: Recovery and reuse of the materials such as iron, steel or copper not only prevents the exhaustion of our natural resources, but also decreases the amount of foreign currency paid to scrap material imported in order to meet the national needs, the energy used is saved to a great extent.