Through our customer need focused service philosophy, providing the permanent satisfaction of our main customers, both importer and exporter, within the framework of principles of international quality management system and our legal responsibilities,

Managing our operations according to the expectations of main customers by creating high performance, constant development and contribution in our actions,

Our broad experience and accumulation of knowledge, our principle of “Doing the Right Way at Once”, Realizing our targets by integrating our effective, swift and reliable presentation of services with modern technology,

Creating the consciousness of extensive and quality service together with all of our employees by accepting each other as “Domestic Customer” within the tranquil and high performance “Teamwork”,

Protection and appraisal of the culture, ethic values and prestige of our culture,

Making all of our employees adopt the non-endangering of the health and safety of themselves other employees and visitors as the main task, through necessary informing and training,

Instituting the prevention culture by making systematic risk assessments regarding possible risky situations and behaviors in the context of our activities,

Evaluating our recyclable wastes, diminishing the use of limited natural resources, preventing the pollution to be formed as a result of environmentally hazardous wastes, not affecting the living beings in an adverse way and taking the necessary measures for the non-prevention of the environment in the context of our activities,

Full compliance with the laws and legislation in our activities.